Monday, August 13, 2012

Holy Smokes

It's been too long, too long i say!!

Hi Sherman, i hope u figure out ur password.

Hi guys, its been too long.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Not One

Maybe It's True
But There's So Much Time
To Figure It Out
But You've Already got me
I'm Thinking
Just Maybe
And I Still
I Remember What You Wore
On That First Day
So I've Figured Out When It's All Said And Done
Two Is Better
Two Is Berrer Than One

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

and.... ACTION!

In attempt to save this damn dead blog i will try to rehabilitate it with my life and updates of whats going on so far since the last post.

So where do i start? oh. I've been in KL since the beginning of October, thank God. i can't complain about Brunei coz all i do there is play World of Warcraft but since then all my Wowies left me for another game called Aion, i mean WTF? Aion? like what the hell? where did that shit come from kinda thing? but they gave alot of good comments about it so I'm just gonna.

Brunei = NO LIFE!
See, Balance.

It's been a high, low up and down ride so far i guess. But i gotta say this trip is mainly for work. My 16 Staff are all here for training. That includes 2 Malaysians from Kuching, 3 Bruneiains, and 11 Filipino's, and man managing all of em is pretty frustrating at times, but after awhile you get used to it.

Besides the boring shiet.
I MISSED AKON CONCERT! @#)(@&@*%&*@&#

Next time if your going for concerts, dont be a shietbag like me and get free tickets and watch it with the rest of the crowd. Enjoy the show by getting some VIP tickets where you can watch the whole thing close up or on a platform.

My pretty lady and i standing in that crowd full of people who don't know their new songs. LOL!

Tyson Ritter was seriously high on i derno what shiet. Alcohol or Weed but he was really hyping up the crowd and the ladies.

I can't convert my video somehow but if u wanna u wanna see how they look like live ask me.

Besides the concerts, some drinking sessions here and there but nothing to post about.
Besides the drinking, there was Halloween! HAHAHA!

Man there was some fun shiet there. Thanks To Helong we got to see what a room full of dead people look like. Actually was more like feel. we couldn't see shit. The haunted house was so dark that all i could see was pitch black and all i could hear was the scary background music with Wilh and Clara screaming behind me. hilarious. it had a LEFT 4 DEAD feel, with the girl crying and sitting on the floor. Which was awesome coz as soon as i went in *&#$ man. my heart skips a beat and my hair on my arms erected and almost came out from my skin. We were basically laughing our asses off and scared shitless with this guy dressed in a robe wearing a mask, he was so in character which was the most freaky part, he moved slowly, he turned slowly, he was pulled on stage for the best dressed and even left even before the MC could get him back and imagine him gliding out slowly. OMFG it was so funny i almost shit my pants.


i just got lazy and i think i wanna stop here.


Saturday, August 29, 2009


In myself
In the people around me
In everything I do
Coz if I dont then how can others trust me?

No there's nothing about me I wanna change.

Coz when Im alone, doing things I love
Everytime I'm alone, I feel like im in heaven, feeling high
I dont wanna let go of that moment
I just need myself to know.

That I was meant to be alone.

ok dis is just a joke coz i didnt blog in a long time yea...

Monday, August 17, 2009


In yourself
In Others

In Everything you do

Coz if you don't how can others believe in you?

No there's nothing bout you i would change.

Coz baby when we are together, doing things, that we love
Every time your near i feel like I'm in heaven, feeling high
I don't want you to let go girl
I just need you to know girl.

That We Were Meant For Each Other

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another Way

what does this mean?
i don't understand.
let it go.
i said let it go.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Bak to have something to read...

Picture This.....

You're watching a nice action movie in a cinema......
the hero of the movie has just been ambush, betrayed by someone he trusts......
its so intense....
emotions rushing through the portrayal of his character while at the same time trying to keep his mind on the situation at hand.....
that is to escape from the ambush without harm.....
explosions everywhere..... BOOM BANG
machine guns firing at will......
the hero manages to dodge all that while hanging onto the ledge of a cliff then save himself from the big drop off the cliff.....
not only that....
he manages to dispose of his new found enemies....
its nothing but an awe inspiring act of brilliance, bravery and loads of lady luck on his side....
as the dust starts to settle, the smoke starts to clear.....
u breathe a sigh of relief that he managed to survive all that was thrown at him.....

then some asshole behind you goes in the loudest tone possible.....


i hate those people......

there you go bak, i hope that entertained you for 5 minutes hahahahaha.....
study hard yea..... and i will try to update so u, and also my most faithful reader curious cuzzie janonymous, have something to read....